Realign Your Career To Your Strengths And Success.

MMC is an Innovative Psychometric Career Guidance System, designed By Eminent Career Experts and Perfected For Over 20 Years.

Why Take The Strength Explorer Test?


Identify Your Strengths, Harness A Rewarding Skill.

Skill development shouldn’t be left to chance & the linearness of experiences, this often leads to repetitive decision-making with little or no scope for growth. Change that! Identify your various strengths & build upon them.


Make A Realistic & An Insightful Career Choice.

Whether you are a student or a job-holder, it is always a good idea to add various feathers of different skill-sets & develop your strengths. This helps you grow as a person, builds your confidence and helps you acquire a distinct status quo.


Start Building Yourself. Invest For Better Rewards.

Getting a job & investing only in stability, sometimes becomes a cause of regret after the good initial years of development are lost. Do not stop growing, in this new age & time, it is imperative that you continue moving to tackle the competition.


Create. Recreate. Re-recreate.

Never accept discontentment! We are beings of reason & we all have our own unique set of strengths and capabilities. The merge of motivation & our innate strengths to grow should be kept alive, to lead a purposeful life.

Who Is It For?

Strength Explorer is a unique assessment metric designed for anybody who is looking to hone their skills in accordance to their inclinations & capabilities. This test is for anybody who is looking for a career change, progress or self development, or both.


MMC helps you find your ideal match of careers & specialisations in addition to industry-specific updates, which helps you further an informed decision.


Many a times, the growth in a certain job is held back at a plateau. Find answers to this stagnancy with MMC by growing, adding skills, Finding your strengths & building upon it.


Learning knows no age limit. Learning is universal and unending. If you are looking to learn & gain expertise, find what will interest you and help pave way for better skill & thought development with MMC.

Get A Head Start Early In Your Career Journey


With MMC’s Strength Explorer Test, find your strengths and explore the best skill-fits for progress in life and job.


What is a Career Guidance and Counseling Program?

As suggested by various national & global career guidance and counselling forums, a good career mentorship program for young individuals develops multiple & diverse set of competencies, enhances upon the self-knowledge of an individual which further enables & guides them to explore diversified educational and occupational possibilities. Expert support & guidance has proven to be beneficial in providing directives towards exploration of various opportunities in people.

What is offered by Map My Career?

Map My Career offers a comprehensive and reserch driven program which is uniquely designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. The crux of the MMC program is administration of our different (Career Wizard, Stream Explorer, Skill Explorer & Strength Explorer) standardized psychometric tests which evaluate aptitude, personality traits, and interests followed by a comprehensive report describing your strengths in aptitude, personality, and best-suited career/s suggested by experts, with a clear-cut info on viable career path.

Why is Career Guidance and Counseling Key to the Delivery of Vocational-Technical Education?

Career guidance and counselling programs help individuals acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to identify options, explore alternatives and succeed in society. These programs better prepare young individuals for the rapidly changing dynamics in the job sector in today’s day & age.

How does the Aptitude, Personality and Interest based assessment help in selecting a career?

Our API based assessments are scientific measurements that compute your natural ability bases various aptitudes and your prevalent personality traits. To be successful in any career you need to have a matching aptitude combination, as well as fitting personality traits to adjust, grow & do well in the workplace environment. These tests first evaluate your strengths in the aptitude and personality matrix. Our in-house psychology & industry Experts further analyze and tell you about your suitability for a certain career type & segment, as it very well may or may not match with your interests. Therefore, the MMC evaluation is a complete outline of an individual’s Aptitude, Personality & Interest which becomes a robust foundation in predicting the best suited careers for you.

Will the tests of Map My Career really portray my true abilities and aptitudes?

“Certainly! There is no doubt.
This is a full-proof scientific & expert(s)-backed career guidance and counselling program which has helped lakhs of students in over 20 years. Our only ask is that you attempt this test with complete sincerity, honesty and commitment, because our analysis entirely depends on the information you provide us with.”

Can I be happy taking up a career if I am not interested in it?

“This is self-explantory. Will you be happy if you are forced to eat raw potato everyday? You can certainly eat it, it won’t make you sick but it won’t satiate you either & after a point you will hate your life.
There is no surety of happiness in any choice in the long-term. But we can tell you that you will find contentment in your job only when you choose a career that matches your aptitude & personality type. Interests change over time & depend on your progressive experiences in life. Interests are short-term & are subject to new information, the environment and the exposure that you are subjected to, these variables are highly dynamic. Therefore, choosing a career based solely on your interests might turn out to be impulsive and unhelpful in the long run. Our Experts & various global research studies conclude that career choice should be based upon Aptitude & Personality primarily, with added dimensions of interests in the second step. “