What is a Career Guidance and Counseling Program?

As suggested by various national & global career guidance and counseling forums, a good career mentorship program for young individuals develops multiple & diverse set of competencies, and enhances the self-knowledge of an individual which further enables & guides them to explore diversified educational and occupational possibilities. Expert support & guidance has proven to be beneficial in providing directives towards exploration of various opportunities in people.

What is offered by Map My Career?

Map My Career offers a comprehensive and research driven program which is uniquely designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. The crux of the MMC program is administration of our different (Career Wizard, Stream Explorer, Skill Explorer & Strength Explorer) standardized psychometric tests which evaluate aptitude, personality traits, and interests followed by a comprehensive report describing your strengths in aptitude, personality, and best-suited career/s suggested by experts, with a clear-cut info on viable career path.

Why is Career Guidance and Counseling Key to the Delivery of Vocational-Technical Education?

Career guidance and counselling programs help individuals acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to identify options, explore alternatives and succeed in society. These programs better prepare young individuals for the rapidly changing dynamics in the job sector in today’s day & age.

How do Aptitude-personality and interest Tests help in selecting a career?

Our API based assessments are scientific measurements that compute your natural ability bases various aptitudes and your prevalent personality traits. To be successful in any career you need to have a matching aptitude combination, as well as fitting personality traits to adjust, grow & do well in the workplace environment. These tests first evaluate your strengths in the aptitude and personality matrix. Our in-house psychology & industry Experts further analyze and tell you about your suitability for a certain career type & segment, as it very well may or may not match with your interests. Therefore, the MMC evaluation is a complete outline of an individual’s Aptitude, Personality & Interest which becomes a robust foundation in predicting the best suited careers for you.

Will the tests of Map My Career really portray my true abilities and aptitudes?

“Certainly! There is no doubt.
This is a full-proof scientific & expert(s)-backed career guidance and counselling program which has helped lakhs of students in over 20 years. Our only ask is that you attempt this test with complete sincerity, honesty and commitment, because our analysis entirely depends on the information you provide us with.”

Can I be happy taking up a career if I am not interested in it?

“This is self-explantory. Will you be happy if you are forced to eat raw potato everyday? You can certainly eat it, it won’t make you sick but it won’t satiate you either & after a point you will hate your life.
There is no surety of happiness in any choice in the long-term. But we can tell you that you will find contentment in your job only when you choose a career that matches your aptitude & personality type. Interests change over time & depend on your progressive experiences in life. Interests are short-term & are subject to new information, the environment and the exposure that you are subjected to, these variables are highly dynamic. Therefore, choosing a career based solely on your interests might turn out to be impulsive and unhelpful in the long run. Our Experts & various global research studies conclude that career choice should be based upon Aptitude & Personality primarily, with added dimensions of interests in the second step. “

Who are the experts at Map My Career?

We have eminent & widely acclaimed Psychologists like Dr. Vimala Veeraraghavan, who are in our guidance panel for high-end mentorship of the team. MMC’s expert-led evaluation team which engages with data analysis, validation & career guidance-counselling are Clinical Psychologists and Management Graduates from various reputed institutes in India, with a minimum of five years of experience.

How can a counselor at Map My Career can help you?

A career counselor at MMC can help you look into your own experiences & conditioning by providing you with a direction and a processing pathway, which will further enable a proper and guided insight into your own individual abilities, interests, and personality traits. These key factors can relate heavily to what the future, as it relates to work, may hold. The process will provide you with information about your self, through self-evaluation and about the best suited option; however, ultimately you are the boss & you make your own decisions. You are entirely responsible for the consequences of your choice and any decisions that you ‘choose’ to make along the way.

Who Benefits from Career Guidance and Counseling Programs?

MMC’s Career Guidance & Counselling programs are for everybody who are looking for some sort of mentorship & directives with regards to career initiation, confusions, change, exploration etc. We have a program for everybody, youths & adults alike, employers & employees, schools & students, socially disadvantaged groups, job seekers of any kind. Find what fits you best here (Career Wizard, Stream Explorer, Skill Explorer & Strength Explorer)!

I am not so good at my studies. Will this affect my performance on the aptitude test?

Not at all. An aptitude test does not measure your formal knowledge, it does not shed a light upon your ‘acquired’ knowledge; it largely provides information about where you stand on various aptitudes, which is mostly innate. Every individual is usually good at some aptitude better than the other, in fact, the aptitude test will help you better discover which spectrum you are upon & what would be the ideal aptitude to build upon.

I am not so good at my studies. Can I still have a successful career?

“If Steve Jobs could establish one of the biggest corp movement in the world without the conventional formal education resume & scores, trust us you can do it too!
Believe it or not, there are many career options out there for each one of us irrespective of our context & backgrounds, what is required is correct information from you & some proper guidance, which we are here to provide you with. This is where our MMC Career Wizard Assessment will help you. If you know your strengths, you can accordingly choose well and put effort in the right direction. “

Do I need to prepare for the test?

No. These tests are designed to measure Aptitudes which are innate, not learned information which are acquired. No prior preparation is necessary.

Where are Career Guidance and Counseling Programs offered?

The services MMC provides is largely digital, therefore it from & for everywhere and for everybody. MMC is an online portal, it is accessible from anywhere subject only to an Internet based device (phone, tablet, laptop/desktop). Anybody studying in a school or a college, or anybody who is seeking a job or in any way requires a career guidance of sorts, can avail our services.

Is it safe to pay online on your website?

The website is completely secure and it is safe to pay online for the services. Our servers, payment gateway, and everything in between have been reasonably & accountably secured using the finest firewalls and safety apparatus for complete safety of our online transactions.

What if my payment is not credited to your account?

“In case your account has been debited with the payment process, but the services are not activated, please write to us at support@mapmycareer with a mail subject line “”Service Glitch Post-payment””. Alternatively, you can call us at 011-30506171. We will revert back within 12 hours on all working days.

Additionally, do inform the merchant banker of the same.”

Can I get a refund, if I don’t wish to avail the services?

“Our services are activated instantly on payment, which means that the service led assessment processes & background analytics start to operate as soon as we recieve the payment.
Therefore, refunds are not available. We would however like to understand your reasons and try to make an exception, if at all possible. Write to us at support@mapmycareer with a mail subject line “”Refund Request””.”

What if my account is debited twice by mistake?

In case you have purchased more than the inventory required, we will refund the additional money back to your account. This usually takes a maximum of 2 working days. This is on us, if you still haven’t recieved a refund after 3 working days, please write to us at support@mapmycareer with a mail subject line “Dual Payment- Refund Not Processed”. Alternatively, call us at 011-30506171.

What's a good career plan?

A good career plan is backed by a well informed decision-making, one which is advised by information of an individual’s strengths, aptitudes, personality types & interests, led by a scientific temperament & not implusive ideations.

Whom do people seek for guidance in career planning?

Career Guidance should be led by a professional, mostly a clinical psychologist who specialises in career guidance & counselling practice, one who has recieved a formal training in this regard in lieu with the job-industry experts. It takes a team to guide you towards what will suit you best. Do not compromise on that. Remember, career guidance & counselling informs one of the most crucial decisions of your life & therefore your guide should be trained in this respect.

What is career planning?

Careful Career Planning is a step-by-step process. The first step is to know yourself & identifying your various strengths and weaknesses. This will help you decide what would you be good at, what skills to build upon & which jobs will suit your interests in the best possible manner. Matching your aptitude & personality type and crosstabbing it with your interests translates into a successful career planning system.

What are the problems with the conventional career planning?

One of the major problems of conventional career planning is lack of a scientific & an objective outlook, in addition to a lack of exposure & expert-led decision making prowess. The world has changed quite a bit & the scope of career scape in various industries has boomed with the immense technological advancements in the recent years. With so much newness in the industry, it often becomes very difficult to have information at a large scale. That is why it is important at times to take a step back & delegate the process of drafting a direction to a team of career experts.

Is it right to switch from one career plan to another?

“Ofcourse! Anything, any job, any career that does not make you happy & makes you rethink your choices, should be altered. Let no one tell you otherwise.
The only & a big limitation is your stream choice after your matriculation (Std. Xth). If you have chosen a commerce or humanities stream, it prohibits you from taking up science-based jobs. But that can also be rectified with specific technical courses. We have said it before & we will say it again, talk to experts, all your problems will have a viable solution if you express & consult an expert. “

What are some good career planning tips for your 20s?

Find out as much information as you can about the range of industries & jobs options available. But before that, find out who you are & what are your strengths so you build in the right direction. Remember, a robust building is built on a robust foundation. Understand your foundations with our Career Wizard Assessments, let science pave the way!

How do I make a long-term career plan actually work?

Well, anything that is long term requires careful source planning & strategising. If you want to build a dam that provides energy- doesn’t break, doesn’t dry, you must be aware of the water flow intensity, without basic research & information gathering, nothing in long-term works. Plus there is no guarantee of anything working in long term if it doesn’t provide you with fulfillment, appreciation & contentment. So build upon your strengths & find what are your strengths here.

Why career planning is so important?

It is like asking why choosing a marriage partner is so important, ahem, because you have to spend your life with the choice! Choosing the right career that complements your strengths & personality type will not only provide you with joy, it will also help you grow as a person. Research proves that the satisfied you are with your career scape, higher are the chances of rapid upward social mobility & due to less cortisol (stress-hormone) release, it also enables longevity. Of course, this is subject to other experiences in your life, but career & jobs play a major role!

Is career planning worth it? When should you start to plan it?

Well, like building a roof for your house is worth it and helps you avoid the damages from nature & gives you a sense of security in short & long term; similarly, career planning is worth every second that you invest in it. We strongly advise to begin planning for your career as early as possible, by early we mean Std. IXth. Finding which stream to pick after your matriculation is gravely important & sort of dictates what career options become readily available to you in later stages after Std. XIIth & graduation.

Should we have to have a career plan?

You don’t really have to have anything, do you? Having a good career plan enables having a good & mostly a stress-free life that helps you grow in the social ladder. If that is something that concerns you, you must have a good career plan.

How do I decide about my career plan if I have multiple things going on in my mind?

Take a step back & first work on clarity and getting rid of confusions. Many a times with external pressure, hyper expectations from self or analysis paralysis we end up getting more confused. Let the experts help you find directions in the cloudy darkness, we have categorised need-based services into various assessment segments (Career Wizard, Stream Explorer, Skill Explorer & Strength Explorer ). Find what suits you, let science & experts help you! Every moment given up in confusion is a waste and remember every moment you waste is a seat/job earned by somebody else who sought help.

What is a future career plan?

A future career plan means making informed career choices with a futuristic vision of self. Somethings, some qualities never change in a human- they are natural, they are innate, they are endowed upon you by nature. A futuristic career plan takes all those important variables into consideration which helps in designing an objective, achievable & apt career plan for you. Learn more about the API Matrix that will help you achieve this futuristic system of thinking here!

Should I have a career plan when I begin college/university?

Ideally, you should! It is important to have a vision before you begin something & it is all the more important that ‘you know yourself’ before you dive in on something. This will help you achieve the best possible outcome with your capabilities & personality. And remember, there are always multiple ways to better yourself. Find who you are & what would work best for you from our various services (Career Wizard, Skill Explorer & Strength Explorer).

What technology-supported career-planning services are available for students?

After students complete all the tests, a personalized software is developed inhouse to calculate the scores accurately and obtained the aptitude-type and personality of every student. The engine also help the expert to analyze from a number of careers, the aptitude and personality of a student best suited for.

Can someone help me with my career plan?

That is what we are here for! With our segmented services (Career Wizard, Stream Explorer, Skill Explorer & Strength Explorer) that works for all age-groups, job seekers, skill enthusiasts, all societal class, groups etc., find what is best for you.

How do I change my career plans without throwing away all of my progress?

Swhen you know your potentials and personalty traits which are naturally reflecting you, you can plan your career to move upward with confidence. And also it will help you to identify the gap in your present position and what you are aspiring for.

What are good career planning tips for a freshman?

Know your strength in ability to learn and abilty to perform in a work environment well so that you can get into your dream institute/organization/ job asap.

Is it good to have a career plan at the very beginning of high school?

Yes. But to know your aptitude strength and natural behaviour which enhance your career prospect you need to be 13 years of age. If you plan early it will help you to bridge the gap easily. And also early planning help you to minimize wrong career decisions.

What is the best time to start Career Planning?

We strongly advise to begin planning for your career as early as possible, by early we mean Std. IXth. Finding which stream to pick after your matriculation is gravely important & sort of dictates what career options become readily available to you in later stages after Std. XIIth & graduation.

What is the best career plan for me?

“Believe in yourself, trust you have ability to reach success. But to do this you need to know about YOU before taking any concrete steps. Take Career Wizard test to find about your Aptitude & Personality type, find which career & what industry will suit your interests, aptitude & personality.
The best career plan for you is ideally the one that helps you become the best version of yourself, which builds upon your strengths & makes you happy, gives you contentment. With MMC, you can enable decision-making that will guide better towards your best suited career plan. “

How can I do right career planning?

“Learn about potential career options. Start gaining knowledge about career options by asking friends, family and colleagues and career experts. Identify careers that match your potentials. Understand career qualifications or eligibility criteria
Assess salaries and other benefits if you are seeking job after graduation or postgraduation/ looking for a change.

How do people do the career planning?

Most of us reach right career bychance, which brings loads of efforts and time. Rest of us go by the flow and reach somewhere and remain stressed and desatishfied.Few of us assess and know their potentials, plan and reach their career on time. They actually ensure success as well as happiness.

What would be a realistic career plan?

“Learn about potential career options. Start gaining knowledge about career options by asking friends, family and colleagues and career experts. Identify careers that match your potentials. Understand career qualifications or eligibility criteria
Assess salaries and other benefits if you are seeking job after graduation or postgraduation/ looking for a change.

What are the best career plans after +2?

“If you are aware of your strength, you can make best career plan for you. Take Career Wizard Assessment or Skill Explorer to know your strength in aptitude, potentials to learn easily and quickly and your natural traits to perform well. If assessment does not appeal you, write your interest and hobby, research in web or ask the people working in the similar careers, know the eligibility criteria, take feedback from Parents, teachers, friends to know your strength, make SMART goals and craft a career path which would best suited to your strength.
If you wish to make it simple, let the career advisors at MMC do all these for you and help you to take the best suited career decision for you. Follow the links & read more to find what suits you better!”

How do you design a career plan for yourself?

We assess your potentials and design a SMART goals for you.

What are the most promising career plans after Higher Secondary?

“Each one of us is unique, so career plan for everyone is unique, but some common elements and strategies can result in effective career planning. Taking as assessment to know yourself is the first and most important step. You may think you know yourself well, but most of us have blind spots, so this is an essential career planning strategy. Make SMART goals and craft a best suited career path and replan if situations demand.
MMC allows the youngsters to explore all aspects of their personality, potentials to learn and steps to develop skills to bridge the gap if any to be successful in their dream career. It provides a personalised report that breaks down all these elements for a students or job aspirant or seeking a change and handhold them to make best suited career path.”

How important is career guidance and career planning for youngsters in India?

“We are proud to be a Nation with maximum youngsters.Although there are hue and cry for unemployment issues the greater concern is unemployability and unmanaged resources. MMC has worked with youth, school students and college students pan India even at grassroot level. One realization the team has established that there is no dearth of potentials, neither the resources in most of the places but the real time problem is unaware and demotivated youth. To our surprise even in the students in premier schools in metro the potentials of the students are not matching to the so-called aspirational career interest. If we want to deal with the present problem of unemployability we need to create self-aware youngsters with crafted career path best suited for them.
MMC team is highly motivated to help the youngsters to make SMART goals, attain best suited career plan and contribute to the world job market.”