While studying in school each one of us is probably very sure about what we know and what we do not know. Knowledge, wisdom, implementation, all these words are jargons at that point of time and we simply appreciate those people who are famous and believe that they only can be associated with these words. We remain blissful till application based education happens. We feel proud to associate our success to our intelligence, hard work etc.

Your Aptitude, Your Personality & Your Interests SHOULD define your Career Decision-making

Then comes our professional education period and we remain nostalgic for some time as we still feel we are here because of our talent, intelligence, best decision and enjoy for the time being. Gradually, we come to know our real potential within us and start identifying ourselves with certain aptitudes. For example: we realize that we can handle a machine well, understand the functions of a machine and probably identify the problem in a machine if it stops working; have an excellent sense of direction; perhaps pick up languages fast; can use hands efficiently; enjoy mathematical puzzles etc.

Set Realistic Goals & Let Good Decisions Guide Your Future

In order to enhance our skills, we add education, training, and knowledge into our system as we believe that all these would help us to perform best, but ironically, it keeps getting more and more difficult, and eventually, we end up with more confusion.

The reality is that strong talent is not equal to high performance. Having a knack or potential gives an edge over starting a task and also gives an ongoing advantage, but talent in itself is not useful without knowledge and motivation. Knowledge and motivation come when a task, that is, when one performs a task for which one has the aptitude, and when one gets adequate training in that same task for which one has the aptitude, we then get the understanding of how to utilize our inherent aptitude!

Find a Mentor for Guidance, Counsel & Priming for Accurate Life Decisions

An individual is able to give his / her best performance when one has the right combination of aptitude, knowledge, motivation and opportunity. Thus it is imperative to know our aptitudes so that we can harness our potential with adequate skills and reach the career growth we deserve.

MapMyCareer has designed a comprehensive assessment that comprises 15 aptitudes that are pretty well known. These are structural visualization, design for memory, observation, creative imagination, language facility, etc. These aptitudes are important factors in long-term performance and behavior. Any student can take this aptitude test and get clarity about one’s inherent strengths