Your interests are based on your self-report —sometimes related to your abilities, sometimes not. Many times interest can help determine if a field is right for you. A professor in a technical university and a game designer might share similar aptitude patterns, but their careers are surely fueled by very different passions. We may flow with our interests in more subjects or with the opportunities available to us. Although interests often play an important role in how aptitudes are used, but not stable as aptitudes. Interests changes if one gets to see success closely or gets adequate information about the area of one’s interest or job market may change time or situations. While crafting your career path one needs to consider your aptitudes as the primary foundation. Yet once a working knowledge of your natural gifts is in place, it is important to look at other factors that will influence your way. Researches around the world have emphasized that if one utilize natural abilities, find enjoyment and satisfaction in their career and surely leave this world a better place.

How we help you to choose?

We asked you to list you career interests during the assessment. Most of us develop interests, as we get in contact with different people. However, it is also true that interests change with knowledge and experience and are quite floating in nature. We can have three possible scenarios for Interests, here they are: 

There is a situation when your Aptitude and Personality Profile match very well with the requirements of your Career Interest. In this situation, you would experience natural joy and happiness, while working in the field of your Career Interest. 

There is a situation when your Aptitude is matching very well with the requirements of your Career Interest but your Personality is not matching very well. The good news is that Personality can always be improved upon; hence you can pursue this career Interest but you’ll have to work on certain aspects of your Personality. 

There is a situation when your Aptitude and Personality do not match very well with the requirements of your Career Interest. Pursuing such a career can be difficult for the individual. Of course, with effort and determination one can pursue anything in life; however it is best to pursue those careers where the Aptitude and Personality fitment is there. 

Choosing the right career path 

You have listed certain career options and priorities, three of them, based on your interest. These may be your dream careers and we did consider them. But we considered aptitudes as the primary foundation, followed by strength in personality traits. As mentioned earlier, aptitude remains relatively constant and personality can be modified and interest is dynamic in nature, there would be three possibility or path to be considered. 

Aptitude and Personality strength match with the requirements of your Career Interest. This is a perfectly go ahead situation.

Aptitude is matches the requirements of your Career Interest but your Personality is moderately matching, you can still go ahead with your interest besides you have to focus on improving your traits.

Aptitude and Personality do not match the requirements of your Career Interest.  In this situation, it is advisable to revisit your interest or prepared yourself to work hard, give more time and to cope with adversity.

Mapping your interests

We tried matching your career interest with your aptitudes and personality strength corresponding to the requirements of the career/s.

Success always requires effort, but for a person whose aptitude matches well with the activities involved in his job, the effort required is actually enjoyable, and so it does not seem like effort. Think for a moment, a sports person has to spend whole day to design costumes, a designer has to solve mathematics or a musician has to deal with a scientific analysis. In all likelihood no amount of effort will help them to reach success in these fields as they would not be doing what comes naturally.