Every occupation, whether it is medicine, engineering, law or management, uses certain aptitudes. If you are a doctor but possess aptitudes not used for diagnosis, treatment or surgery, your work might seem unrewarding and you will remain dissatisfied. If you lack the aptitudes that are required for doctors, your work may be difficult or unpleasant.

It is important to keep in mind that aptitude is a special ability and does not function in isolation. Certain combination of aptitude is a requirement to be successful in certain career. Thus, it is not important to have “High” score in all the aptitudes rather it is important to have the right combination of aptitudes which would help you to learn activities or subjects quickly and easily in the career you will be choosing in future.  Many researchers have also found that people tend to be more satisfied and successful in occupations that challenge their aptitudes and do not demand aptitudes that they lack.

Let’s see what you are born with!

Mechanical Aptitude

Map My Career test scores indicate that you have inborn ability for mechanical reasoning and comprehension. This means:

  • You possess the ability to understand mechanical and physical principles.
  • You can easily and quickly understand mechanical operating systems and functions.
  • You can learn and operate machines of all kind easily.
  • You can quickly use mechanical principle to solve a problem.
  • You can easily choose and work efficiently using different tools.

Having a high “Mechanical Aptitude” determine how well you can use and maintain a machine, use mechanical principle to solve a problem and remain curious about “how things work”. This aptitude is extremely important for particular industries such as production and manufacturing.  There are more and more fields that use mechanical reasoning. Some of the most common types of careers are: Engineering, manufacturing, production jobs, dentistry, etc.

Spatial Aptitude

Map My Career test scores indicate that you have in-born ability for structural visualization.

This means that:

  •  You can easily and quickly think in three dimensions.
  • It is easy for you to think and gives the details of designs or structures, without paper and pencil or verbal instruction.
  • You can prepare a sketch of three-dimensional objects or make a blue-print of a complex building with less effort.
  • It is easy for you to identify and replace the malfunctioning part of a machine.
  • You can quite easily imagine and unfold objects as seen from various angles.
  • You can easily describe your thoughts in the form of diagrams/pictures to others.

Since you can think in spatial terms, it makes sense that your work should have a corresponding 3-D element to it. This aptitude can be incorporated in many fields or related to almost any interest. Architecture, engineering, industrial design, software engineering, sculpting, sciences, medicine, physical therapy, surveying, carpentry, metallurgy, computer programming, actuarial science, mathematical research, statistics, and econometrics etc.

Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Map My Career test scores indicate that you have an innate capacity to interpret things objectively and predict solutions easily and quickly using general intelligence and logic, and to be able to analyze assumptions behind an argument/statement. This means that:

  • You can naturally and quickly organize information, activities, or steps in a process.
  • You can quickly arrange a step-by-step approach to implement a solution.
  • You can think unconventionally to resolve difficult problems/issues.
  • You can look at patterns and easily draw meaning.

Expert will tell you that you have a strong “Abstract Aptitude”. This aptitude is used in almost all fields or careers as well as in everyday life. This aptitude is useful in almost any line of work, whether you are an engineer, programmer, actuaries, physicians, and teachers, a chef keeping the kitchen running smoothly, a dentist streamlining office procedures, or a travel-agent making a schedule for a group of tourists etc. It is also highly correlated with achievements in a wide variety of course areas, including mathematics, natural sciences, and economics.

Innate inclination towards Numbers

You seem to possess inborn ability to see meaning in numbers. Your score in numerical aptitude indicates that:

  • You can analyze and/or interpret numerical information easily and quickly.
  • You can solve arithmetic quickly and accurately.
  • You can remember complicated series of numbers effortlessly.
  • You would enjoy detailed and complex calculations.

Your numerical aptitudes may be the focus of your career. All business careers have a numerical component, even if interpersonal relationships are the predominant focus, as in a sales or managerial position or as a financial advisor, entrepreneur/businessman etc. As a math or finance teacher, navigating a ship, seeing a project through a fashion house will generate numbers that must be calculated or interpreted. Take an example of the job of a pilot which involves memorizing multiple numbers — for air speed, atmospheric pressure, altitude, and many others.  Careers in bookkeeping, accounting, and banking would utilize this talent.

Attention to Detail

Map My career test scores indicate that you have an innate ability to scan data quickly and put things systematically with great speed. This means:

  • You are very systematic while doing any task, no matter how small it is.
  • You can see profusion of numeric data with speed and accuracy.
  • You can easily keep track of all the scores may be for a cricket team, or marks of your friends.
  • You can easily understand procedures or process to accomplish a task.
  • You have the capacity to manage lot of paper work. 

Expert will tell you that you have good “Operational Aptitude”. The applications of this aptitude are innumerable. The worlds of finance and business offer multitudinous opportunities-specifically in the field of trading. Insurance, banking, investment banking and accounting and office management are some of the options one can do well on having this high aptitude.

Language Aptitude

Map My career test scores indicate that you have an innate ability to cope with novelty and ambiguity. You can learn language quickly and easily. We can explain further as:

  • You can learn new and different languages effortlessly.
  • You enjoy to read, write, listen and express well.
  • You find it fairly easy to use grammatical rules when you speak or write.
  • You can easily and quickly acquire new concepts and retain information.
  • You can succeed in activities that require usage of expression and language.

Expert will tell you that you have good “Linguistic Aptitude”. This aptitude is maximally used in teaching and training. This aptitude brings easy success for professionals like translators, linguist, executives, actor, theatre artist, Lawyers, copywriters etc.

Verbal Aptitude

Map My career test scores indicate that you have innate ability to become a flexible communicator and have a knack for precise articulation of ideas, that means:

  • You can easily absorb information in the world around you.
  • You can easily interact with others.
  • You can display better listening and communication skills
  • You have the capability to do well in formal subjects in schools with less effort.
  • You can cope up well with longer training.

You can utilize Verbal aptitude in careers like Law, Journalism, Media, counseling, Public Relation, and other managerial positions.

Auditory Aptitude

Map my career test scores have indicated that you have an innate ability to think rhythmically. This means that:

  • You have good sense of rhythm.
  • You have the ability to remember sequences of tones.
  • Have precise awareness of pitch.
  • You may also have the ability to learn and remember rhythms or beats quickly.
  • You have great listening skill which helps to develop deeper understanding.

Expert will tell you that you have a strong “Auditory aptitude”, which might lead to strong interest in music. If music is a true passion for you, perhaps you may select excellent training to pursue it further.

Memory for Design

Map my career test score has figured out that you have an innate ability to quickly absorb and reproduce diagrams. This means that:

  • You can easily understand styles and trends in visual fields.
  • You can reproduce designs from memory on paper which can be helpful for artists.
  • You can retain/remember designs easily.

This aptitude will encourage you to explore any interests in creative fields. Even if you don’t think of yourself as being artistically talented, learning to work with line and form, perhaps in studying textiles, doing page layout for publications or web design, being a fashion buyer, or becoming a print or map collector could allow you to express this aptitude.

Visual Aptitude

Map my career test has figured out that you have an innate general artistic ability. This means that:

  • You have good artistic judgment.
  • You have the ability to learn artistic skills easily.
  • You can perform differently and exclusively with little training in creative and artistic fields.
  • You possess artistic preference, or simply — style which can influence others.

Expert will tell you that you have a strong “artistic” Aptitude. This aptitude comes to use in a majority of artistic profession. Like almost all fine artists (different types of painters, sculptors, etc.) and commercial artists (graphic designers and CAD design even for architects) use these skills.